Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting Information


Due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of widely available vaccines, Kingdom’s Annual Meeting will be held virtually.  For more information please read this report and/or visit the link below.

The Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of Kingdom Telephone Company, a corporation with its principal office in Auxvasse, Missouri, will be live streamed via YouTube on March 13, 2021 beginning at 1:00 p.m Go to the Kingdom Telephone YouTube page to view live or see the recorded event!

2021 Kingdom Annual Meeting Prize Winners
For a list of the winners of the drawings, click HERE for a downloadable list, or scroll to the bottom of the page to view the list online.
We will be answering questions on the live virtual meeting. If you would like to submit a question anytime before or during the meeting you can email questions to: or call 573-386-2021 and leave your question in the voice mailbox. All questions received prior to the end of the meeting will be addressed during the meeting. We will follow up with any questions not addressed during the meeting.
The 2021 Annual Meeting Board of Director’s Election will be held online. Voting will open on February 21, 2021, 8:00 AM Central Time and will run until March 12, 2021, Noon Central Time. We are using a third-party online election service provided by Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to host our election. This ensures the complete confidentiality of the voting process and accurate tallying of votes.

  1. Access the online ballot by typing into your browser address window.
  2. When prompted, enter your unique login credentials (Account Number and Election Passcode) as shown on the letter you received in the mail.

Account Number:  ____________         Election Passcode: ____________

Didn’t get your letter with voting credentials? Call 1-866-909-3549 (toll-free) or email
You will need to have the name of the person on the account, the email address on file, and your Kingdom Telephone account number.
Once your identity is confirmed – our vendor will email you your voting credentials.
If you don’t have the above information, you can call our customer service representatives at 573-386-2241 between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday for additional help.

  1. Once validated, the election letter will appear on your screen. At the bottom of the election letter, click on Go To Ballot.
  2. Follow the instructions for voting as well as accessing candidate information. You may access biographical information by clicking the “View Bio” links on the ballot page.

For questions regarding the election, please contact Kingdom Telephone at or call 573-386-2241.

2021 Kingdom Annual Meeting Prize Winners:
1 Francis E Or Brian D Gilmore Grand Prize Winner
2 Robert Vanbooven $20 bill credit
3 Mike Or Shelly Byrne $20 bill credit
4 Mark Or Sharon Leech $20 bill credit
5 Alfred J Or Brenda Koelling Bader $20 bill credit
6 Gary C Rohlfing $20 bill credit
7 Chandra Vandillen $20 bill credit
8 Virginia Gearhart-Eckert $20 bill credit
9 Joyce Or John Fort $20 bill credit
10 Jessie Trenner $20 bill credit
11 Kevin D Or Nancy L Wadhams $20 bill credit
12 Gary Or Debra Parr $20 bill credit
13 Peoples Savings Bank Of Rhineland $20 bill credit
14 Matthew A Cutright $20 bill credit
15 John Wm. Or Glenda Noltensmeyer $20 bill credit
16 Melvin L Or Betty J Sundermeyer $20 bill credit
17 Gary L Or Lori J Harris-Franklin $20 bill credit
18 Vern E Woods Jr Or Debra L Woods $20 bill credit
19 Fredrick H Or Carol Schiermeier $20 bill credit
20 Levi Gilman $20 bill credit
21 Marvin D Or Cheryl L Rohrbach $20 bill credit
22 Andrew Horobec $20 bill credit
23 Patricia Held $20 bill credit
24 Jeffrey D Iler $20 bill credit
25 Jim Or Joyce Arnold $20 bill credit
26 Stephen L Or Janice Gray $20 bill credit
27 Larry N Or Sherry A Englert $20 bill credit
28 Del Or Patti Griffith $20 bill credit
29 Stock News Agency $20 bill credit
30 Kayla Paulsmeyer $20 bill credit
31 Chrisy Or Chris Dobbs $20 bill credit
32 Debbie S Or Jon M Jones $20 bill credit
33 Perry Or Donna Burre $20 bill credit
34 David R Or Carol Gilman $20 bill credit
35 Chad Michael Mealy $20 bill credit
36 Joyce Loutzenhiser $20 bill credit
37 Robert W or Emily C Adams Jr $20 bill credit
38 Mathew Kyle Or Lara Brunk $20 bill credit
39 Hubert Dale Or Loretta J Feeler $20 bill credit
40 Kem D Or Phyllis J Harris $20 bill credit
41 Larry J Or Sue R Teson $20 bill credit
42 Darron Bruce Mackey $20 bill credit
43 Seth W Or Jessica Swaim $20 bill credit
44 Claude H Or Roberta Kruse $20 bill credit
45 Gary Gene Stieferman Or Linda S McMillin $20 bill credit
46 Jennifer O’Donley $20 bill credit
47 Donald Roy King $20 bill credit
48 Kenneth S Or Janet G. Hudson $20 bill credit
49 Leo Or Audrey Pottebaum $20 bill credit
50 Wayne Cummings $20 bill credit
51 Virginia Mae Hinrichs $20 bill credit
52 Schuyler Blevins $20 bill credit
53 Pamela Winkelmann $20 bill credit
54 Mark Or Debbie Hiatte $20 bill credit
55 Charles N Or Karen M File $20 bill credit
56 Myles Or Jan Smart $20 bill credit
57 Delbert C Govero $20 bill credit
58 David Henry Or Laurie K Korman $20 bill credit
59 Vonnie June Dotson $20 bill credit
60 Edward O Or Wendi L Jones $20 bill credit
61 Oscar Bader Or Henrietta R Bader, Trust $20 bill credit
62 James G Or Constance C Benne $20 bill credit
63 Ralph H Or Charlene M. Carr $20 bill credit
64 Ronald M or Robyn Dye $20 bill credit
65 Alaric S Bradt $20 bill credit
66 Alex W Or Genelda Grieshaber $20 bill credit
67 J Elaine Walker $20 bill credit
68 Alan Baumgartner $20 bill credit
69 Joe Or Brenda Labella $20 bill credit
70 Paul G Or Lynn Winkelmann $20 bill credit
71 David Or Donna Bonvillian $20 bill credit
72 Merrett M Or Daniel Andrews $20 bill credit
73 Barry S Baker $20 bill credit
74 Edward L Or Emma Lou Wassman $20 bill credit
75 Mike Or Brenda Boulware $20 bill credit
76 Ladonna Christi Williams $20 bill credit
77 James Keith Or Cindy Mirts $20 bill credit
78 John E Or Ruth L Killian $20 bill credit
79 Darrell Tucker $20 bill credit
80 Tony D Or Laura J Miller $20 bill credit
81 Gary L Or Fonda Call $20 bill credit
82 James Blacklock $20 bill credit
83 Linus Rothermich $20 bill credit
84 James W Or Nancy Schutt $20 bill credit
85 Robert E Or Mary Beth Books $20 bill credit
86 Patrick J Hirschinger $20 bill credit
87 Karl G or Jessie K Grosse $20 bill credit
88 Steven E Giboney $20 bill credit
89 Becky Lee $20 bill credit
90 Christopher W Or Ryan C Cave $20 bill credit
91 Joe Or Teresa Boyce Jr $20 bill credit
92 Justin Or Tina Disney $20 bill credit
93 Craig Or Susan Timmerberg $20 bill credit
94 Evalane Meyer $20 bill credit
95 Larry J Or Janice H Kuehner $20 bill credit
96 Arthur Or Mary Ann Shafer $20 bill credit
97 Kenneth Or Ramona Warner $20 bill credit
98 Mary Kathryn Masek $20 bill credit
99 Elizabeth Doty $20 bill credit
100 Philip Jacob Baumgarth $20 bill credit
101 Crane’s Store $20 bill credit

Thank you for your participation in the 2021 Kingdom Telephone Company Annual Meeting Board of Director’s Election.