Internet FAQs

Do all customers qualify for high speed BroadTrack Internet service?

Yes, all customers can get high speed internet.  No phone is required with internet packages in the amount of $65 or higher.  Lower speed packages are available when bundled with a phone.  For more information on speeds available, check out BroadTrack Internet service or BroadTrack Business Internet service.

How does BroadTrack Internet service work on my existing phone line?

BroadTrack Internet service can be compared to a feature added to your existing phone line. A splitter handles voice calls and routes the data to your computer simultaneously, allowing you to talk on the phone and surf the Internet at high speeds at the same time.

What kind of computer do I need to use BroadTrack Internet service?

The recommended system requirements are listed below.


  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Internet browser (for example, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, or MS Internet Explorer)
  • Network Card or Wireless Card


  • MacOS X (as supported by Apple)
  • Internet browser (for example, Safari or MS Internet Explorer)
  • Network Card or Wireless Card

Do I need any additional equipment?

Filters are required on every phone sharing a line with BroadTrack Residential or BroadTrack Business Internet service. This includes phones, fax machine, answering machine, satellite receiver, etc. Three filters are included in the activation fee. Additional filters are available for $3.95 each.