High Speed Fiber Internet & Telephone Services

Benefits of Kingdom for Fiber Internet & Phone:

  • Earn Share of Profits on all services (Capital Credits)
  • NO PHONE Required
  • No data caps
  • Wi-Fi equipment included on new installations
  • Experts serving customers since 1955
Map of areas served (Hatton, Auxvasse, Williamsburg, Big Spring, Mokane, Rhineland, Tebbets)

Fiber Internet and Telephone
Service Areas

Why High Speed Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet provides far greater speed capabilities and greater reliability in connectivity. It allows you to connect far more devices to one source. Which means no one is interrupted while streaming their favorite content, and no more issues with struggling to see others during video chats. Traditionally high speed fiber internet services have been very expensive due to installation difficulty, but Kingdom Telephone recognizes that the world is changing, and installation of high speed fiber has never been easier in rural communities in Missouri.

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Rural Missouri
connected comunity

Kingdom Telco Members are Rewarded

It pays to be a member! Did you know? For the twenty-ninth consecutive year, Kingdom Telephone will distribute capital credits to its members/owners. Active members will typically see a bill credit if the amount is $65 or less, otherwise, members will receive a check. Join the Kingdom Telco Community. Learn more in our newsletter.

Kingdom offers hot spots in several public areas in our internet territory in Missouri, including churches, restaurants, schools, and community centers.

Stop telemarketers in their tracks! Kingdom Telco is a leader in telephone service and offers privacy controls to its members. You can take control of the calls coming into your home. The privacy controls intercept telemarketers, unknown callers, and callers who have their number blocked from displaying on Caller ID. It will let you designate quiet times to block callers with the use of a 4 digit private PIN.

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