Internet Service Application

Application for Internet Service for Kingdom Telephone Company

Our online application is available below or a printable application is available for Fiber and for Copper. Fields marked with * are required. For additional information or if you are not sure if you are Fiber or Copper, please call 573-386-2241. We also offer standalone broadband services without a phone number, an application for those are here.

Billing Information

Service Selection

Select a plan. All plans include unmetered usage without data caps.

If you are on Copper, you will either need to lease a modem from Kingdom or provide your own equipment to connect your devices to Wi-Fi and Ethernet in the home. For additional information please call 573-386-2241.

If you are on Fiber, Kingdom will provide equipment to connect your devices to Wi-Fi and Ethernet in the home. This equipment will also provide your connection to your telephone lines in the house and must remain on the premises even if service is disconnected. For additional information please call 573-386-2241.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that by applying for service I grant Kingdom Telephone permission to perform such credit and background research as they deem necessary. During the application process, Kingdom uses a soft credit check to verify the applicant’s identity and make a risk-based deposit decision. I understand that such research, if performed, will be done entirely at Kingdom's expense. I also understand that my application for service does not, under any circumstances, require Kingdom to provide service to me.

Consumer assumes all risk of loss and damage to the end-user equipment from any cause whatsoever. I am over age 18 and agree to review the Terms and Conditions as stated on the Kingdom website, If these Terms and Conditions are not acceptable to me, I will immediately contact Kingdom to terminate my account and terminate use of Kingdom Services. I understand that the Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and that any such change shall be effective immediately upon posting at By continuing to use the Service, I accept any such changes. If at any time the changes are not acceptable to me, I will terminate this Agreement by contacting Kingdom and providing notice of termination in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Minimum term of service is one month.

I agree, in order for Kingdom to service my account or to collect any amounts I may owe, Kingdom may contact me by telephone at any telephone number associated with my account, including wireless telephone numbers, which could result in charges to me. Kingdom may also contact me by sending text messages or emails, using any email address I provide to Kingdom. Methods of contact may include pre-recorded or artificial voice messages and/or the use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable.

I understand that by entering my name in the box provided below and by clicking submit I am submitting an application for service.