Copper and High Speed Internet in Rhineland, MO

Enjoy high speed internet in Rhineland with Kingdom Telco High Speed internet.


If you have a copper connection at your residence, please choose one of the plans below. If you are in doubt about your connection, call 386-2241 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

BroadTrack 5


BroadTrack 10


Filters are required on every phone sharing a copper connection with BroadTrack High Speed Internet. This includes phones, fax machine, answering machine, satellite receiver, etc. Three filters are included in the activation fee. Additional filters are available for $3.95 each.

Not in Rhineland? We offer services in these other locations as well! See the map below!



Internet Coverage Area Map for Kingdom Telco

Mid-Missouri Internet Service Areas

Kingdom provides phone and fiber internet service to these exchanges. Click yours to learn more: