eStatement: Fast and Convenient Ways to Pay

Save time, save a stamp and never be late. Those are the benefits of paying your monthly Kingdom bill online with Kingdom eStatement.

With Credit Card Automatic, we’ll automatically pay your bill on the 10th of each month using the card information you give us when signing up.

If you prefer to pay from your bank account, choose Bank Deduction Automatic. The correct payment will be automatically withdrawn on the 10th of each month from your checking account, using the account information you supply when signing up.

If you want more control, choose Credit Card You Authorize. Go to the Pay My Bill page and manually enter your credit card information each month.

The eStatement program also offers online statements you can organize, sort and print. That will help you manage things…like your Kingdom Long Distance usage. You can look at your current bill, view previous bills and sort call details in several different formats.

To register, click on the Pay My Bill tab on the bottom of this page and follow the simple steps. As an added bonus, Kingdom eStatement customers who choose paperless billing receive a 75¢ credit every month!