Battery Backup

Unlike traditional copper wire telephone service, your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connection requires a battery backup unit so it can continue to work during a power outage. A battery backup unit was set up at your home or business when Kingdom installed your FTTH connection. The unit will provide approximately eight hours of telephone service during a commercial power outage. If the outage lasts longer than eight hours, your landline telephone will not work until power is restored.  We have larger battery backups available that will provide up to 24 hours of telephone service.  If you are interested in additional power backup, please give our office a call for pricing details.

What You Need to Know

  • The battery back-up unit should be plugged into a 110V AC commercial power outlet that does not turn off with a switch. In other words, the outlet must always be live. The AC light on the front of the backup unit will be green when the unit is connected and charging.
  • Telephones that require commercial power will not function during a power outage. This includes cordless phones. To maintain telephone service, make sure you have a basic phone with only a telephone cord.
  • When an outage occurs, Kingdom does not automatically turn off your Internet Service. We recommend that subscribers only use their telephone service during the power outage in order to conserve the batteries for emergency telephone use.
  • If you have a generator at your home or business, you will be able to maintain phone and internet service during a power outage. Just make sure your battery backup unit is plugged into an outlet that is served by the generator.

For questions or concerns you may have about power outages and their effect on your phone and Internet service, contact us at 573-386-2241. We will be pleased to help!