You Could Win a Roku Player at the Annual Meeting

You Could Win a Roku Player at the Annual Meeting

Our 62nd Annual Meeting is coming up on March 4. One of the most popular – and fun – parts of the meeting is the prize drawing at the end. The year we will focus on cash prizes; there are three for adults in the amounts of $300, $200, and $100. As a bonus, we will also draw for a Roku 3 player, a streaming video device that connects to your television.

We encourage our customers to take a look at the advantages of streaming video over their Internet connections, and the Roku device is one of the premier ways to stream. Roku players can be an affordable alternative to pay TV or can be used as an enhancement to cable and satellite connections.

It’s simple to set up a Roku, which connects to your wireless network and your TV. Once connected, you create a Roku account and start streaming. The device has an easy-to-understand interface, a simple remote, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Roku player is a gateway to a staggering amount of content. The Channel Store offers 3,500 streaming channels, including blockbuster movies, broadcast TV, big entertainment brands, and niche channels, along with live sports, news, and music. A surprising amount of content can be obtained for free or nearly free. Content is also available to rent or buy; in some cases a subscription is required. Well-known channels like Netflix and Hulu can be accessed through a Roku player, but there are a lot more choices to keep everyone in the family entertained, as you can see below.

Relax My Dog (free) – 4-hour long playlists and slideshows composed to relax your pet or keep them company when you’re away.

Bob Ross (free) – Paint happy clouds, mountains and trees in about twenty-six minutes with the beloved Bob Ross.

Popular Science (free) – Coverage of scientific developments like electric cars, electric airplanes, 3D printing, and bio-technology.

Jim Henson Family TV (free) – Kids and family TV from the magical world of Jim Henson.

Zumba (free/paid) – A mixture of introductory and advanced Zumba workout routines and basic Zumba steps. The channel is free to add, and you can browse the library of videos, which offers a mix of free content and video purchasing options.

No matter what you choose, the total cost is generally minimal. In fact, it’s likely you will save money by “cutting the cord” on your cable or satellite service and sticking to online streaming. For instance, if you keep it simple and are happy with over-the-air TV and Netflix, the cost can be as low as $10 per month (plus Internet connection). There are no monthly equipment rental fees for owning a Roku TV or player.

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