About Kingdom Telephone

About Kingdom Telephone Company

Kingdom Telephone Company is a cooperative serving seven exchanges in Callaway and Montgomery counties with subsidiaries that offer long distance, Internet, retail electronics and computer-related services.

A trusted communications leader since 1954, Kingdom provides state-of-the art technology, bringing the world a little closer to home.

It Pays to be a Member

Members of Kingdom Telephone Company accumulate capital credits when they purchase telephone and other telecommunication services from Kingdom Telephone Company. At the end of each fiscal year, Kingdom determines the “margin”, which is the excess money after operating costs and expenses have been paid. This excess money is allocated to the patronage account of those members who received services during that year.

For a full explanation of the administration of capital credits, please refer to the Kingdom Telephone Bylaws, Article VII. If you have any questions, contact our office at 573-386-2241.